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Friends Only (Save For Selected Entries)

Welcome to a random Singaporean girl's blog. Most entries are friend-locked(except for select entries such as reviews or reports). Currently working on an urban fantasy series now while juggling school and my secret journalism career outside. I am a bit of a workaholic now. I do accept friend requests but only if
a) I know you in real life or
b) we have common interests.
c) We just happen to talk a lot on LJ


Au revoir, LiveJournal. I am moving to Wordpress to facilitate my amateur writing career in the media and well...fiction writing. I guess it's also because I feel that Wordpress is just a more viable setting to write. LJ is getting kind of dead to be honest.

I also feel that as I move into my 20s, I think it's timely that I leave my angsty teenaged self behind and start afresh. You know what I mean? I'm moving into university, learning to become an adult and all that. Bittersweet as it is to let go of this blog since it has followed me for the past six years of my life, I want to start all over again: Not as Astrid the bully victim, not as Astrid the angsty girl. Not as Astrid the reject. I've made lots of great friends over at LJ. I've changed a lot over the past few years though and I think it's best that this new me cross over and live anew.


You can find me here from now on if you want to hear my concert reports,my reflections on life and all that. It's been a great six years with LJ. But some things must come to an end. Au revoir. 

Meeting My Idol

My dream of eight years has finally been realised. I saw Kenichi Suzumura live. In person. In flesh and blood. AND with my boyfriend next to me no less! It truly felt…magical. And to be able to high-five him and tell him that I’m going to his Manten Live…I CAN’T!!!

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20 Goals for My 20s

It's 2015. I will turn 20 in October. What challenges will my twenties bring? What kinds of people will I meet? Admittedly, I still feel like I have been 17 for the past three years (orz) but that's a different story altogether. Either way, to know that in around seven years time, I might tie the knot, maybe live away from my parents brings this strange feeling of dread and excitement. While I may be leaving my strange and awkward teenaged life, I want to make my 20s worthit as well. As such, here are 20 goals for my 20s.

1. Go to Europe

2. Become fluent in Japanese, Bugis, Swedish, Mandarin, French and Bahasa

3. Learn how to scuba dive and maybe swim alongside a mola-mola

4. Watch a concert in Japan (now here's hoping the lottery for the Manten live works out well)

5. Try to fly first class for the lulz

6. Get married to someone I know I can trust and give me the necessary emotional support

7. Participate in a humanitarian mission

8. Travel to twenty more countries

9. Finish and publish Fragments of Magic (yes. The whole series)

10. Go on a cruise ride (location: unspecified. That being said, a cruise ride in the Mediterranean sounds sweet!)

11. See SuzuKen in person (well...this is going to happen this year anyway but with Suzuken, once is never enough)

12. See ancient ruins

13. Star in a musical (it's been a long time since I last stepped on stage)

14. Finish making an outfit of my own

15. Participate in a triathlon (Now how am I going to actually ACE the running component?!)

16. Cycle more than 80km

17. Go to Disneyland and while I'm at it, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

18. Spend at least three months away from Singapore (No don't get me wrong.)

19. Take part in a snowball fight

20. Change for the better.


I SAID ENOUGH. He. Is. Coming. To. Singapore.

I had been queueing at the Lantis booth at AFA expecting to be disappointed but nope. When my friend told me the news, I just started crying. I was crying because I was so overwhelmed by the fact that my idol and love for six years is finally coming here to Singapore. I was sixth in line for the AFA VIP offer and that gave me a definite chance at being able to obtain the VIP.

I have my golden ticket already. While everyone is cheering for Suzuki Tatsuhisa, the other Suzu still has a dearer place in my heart. And I'm going to see him. Live. In person. It's both wonderful yet unbelievable that I am going to meet him in person and attain his autograph. It is unbelievable that I'm going to meet the man that saved me from almost taking away my life and to meet the man that taught me to be positive, even if I can't do it all the time. I've seen Nana Mizuki already, and now I'm going to see SuzuKen.

Is this life? If Suzu-chan did this because of the fanmail that I sent two weeks ago, I'd be really touched. Nonetheless, my dream of six years is becoming a reality - only four days after my childhood dream of watching Beauty and the Beast comes true. T

Thank goodness this announcement came after my A Levels ended otherwise, I'd be an emotional mess.

I await to see you, Suzu-chan.

I was the only one among our group of five who was seated in Cat 1. ^__^; But I made friends with the two guys seated on each side of me and surprise….surprise. My new Japanese friends were seated right behind me! I initially wanted to move to the empty front seats from people who couldn’t resell their extra tickets on time but I decided to stay put because my friends were all behind me. Nana was like….around only 40-50m away from me. I had to let that sink in. I didn’t get to see her at the airport to deliver my fanmail due to my overprotective parents. Urgh.
The view from my seat. Yes. That is my light stick.
I spent the one hour between seating and the concert getting my friends hyped out and joked with JW that if he sat in Row A, he’d be the most hated person in the live because of his height. XD Then the announcement about the show’s commencement sounded and I had to return to my seat.

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I’m still having withdrawal symptoms from last night’s concert. By far, the best three hours of my life. I miss Nana-chan already. ;____; And my body hurts real bad from all that jumping. XD My Japanese friend was right when he told me that a Nana concert is a great workout session. :P This is my personal and more subjective report of the concert. You can find my more ‘professional’ review up soon on my friend’s blogsite. :D So with that, time for another episode of Astrid’s Fangirling Musings.

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Happy Birthday, Suzu-chan!!

Today, my idol turns 40. Forty. He's twenty-one years older than me. But I don't care. How is this man 40 and still able to look like a dude in his 20s and sound like he's still in his teens, whether he is singing or speaking? That doesn't matter, although I am still of the theory that he had consumed the drop of sun somewhere along the way . That or he is a faerie in disguise along with Mizuki Nana and Yukarin and Yocchin.

Suzu-chan, unlike most of my other interests has remained one of my longest lasting obsessions,loves and since 2009, my collection has only grown and grown and now...I own all of his albums except for box universe and Go, one single, almost all the magazines that have him on the cover and one single. He is the one thing that has remained constant in my life aside from my family and well...he may not know me personally but I'm glad to say that he 'watched' over my teenhood. (And yes...that is my bed btw. XD) At the moment, I'm marathoning all of his live concerts to see the evolution of his live singing.
yati the crazy fangirl
My collection as of September 2014...I feel insane.

2014 has been a rather remarkable year for Suzu-chan, IMO. He finally made it into the top 10 of the Oricon charts and held a spot in the top five for a number of consecutive days. (Yes...I know he got number one as Masato already. And that moment of sweet victory when the big three had all been number one before!! Even if not as themselves, at least as their characters!) Not only that, his longest tour to date, Lantis Matsuri (which is confirmed coming to Singapore! Whether Suzu comes, I'm hoping), Orepara 2014, KiraFes 2014 and then the announcement that he's gonna perform during Animax Musix <3 <3 <3 (Later I'll tell you why that's kinda important). So maybe he doesn't sell as well as some other seiyuu but what matters most is that he is being recognised for his singing skill rather than his sales. I love that he stays true to himself and always tries something new, as seen through his latest works and whatnot. I hope that even beyond forty years, Suzu-chan will continue to remain the ever energetic drop of sun that he usually is and will continue to give us much needed hope in times of adversity.

For now...I shall retreat to my Kenichi live videos and drool or fangasm or fangirl.

PS: Regarding why Animax Musix is important: More often than not, the singers invited there come for AFA in Singapore/Indonesia. I said enough. But allegedly....Kiiyan hates flying so I can only dream of seeing GRANRODEO live. ;______; BUT....I just pray that Kenichi comes for Lantis Matsuri SG as well while he's at it. Five people have requested for him to come over (quite high compared to other artistes) and well...Amuse made him among one of the first few suggested artistes. There is still hope!!! Let's make Suzu-chan's first Singapore appearance a reality!

PPS: I think if Suzu-chan were to come to SG indeed, he would never want to come back. The eternal summer (pun not intended with regards to Momo-kun) and unlimited food choices are sure to spoil him. :D Aaaaaaaaaaand as of now, I'm having difficulty with my fan selection for Animax Musix's poll. :( Gimme some suggestions pls....lol

Preferences and opinions change over time. That’s what I’ve learnt as I transition between teenhood to adulthood. Disney Princesses…a controversial concept altogether because of accusations that they are ‘not feminist’ or ‘preach the wrong values to little girls’. Maybe there’s some truth in there. I’m going to ignore those as I make my updated list of my favourite Disney Princesses. In order. :D SPOILERS: My top two…they never change. :D

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Suzumura Kenichi's VESSEL review

Welcome to another episode of Astrids musings! Today, me being the fangirl that I am, will review Suzu-chans latest album, VESSEL. The CD arrived at my doorstep on a very sunny day (proof that hes the drop of sun!) and I finally managed to give it a spin! So what are my thoughts? Read on to find out.

I do find the title a bitunfortunate considering the South Korean ferry sinking but Im sure he didnt intend for it so Ill learn to get over that soon. That aside, this album was a REALLY big surprise for me as Suzu-chan (like always) steps out of what seems normal for him to give us fans something new. Not saying that the other two albums were bad, in fact-CHRONICLE to the future still stands as my favourite album from him so far-but somehow, the songs in this one are a lot more varied and thus, I believe show Suzus flexibilities as a singer much better. Another thing that I noticed about this album (which some may dislike) is that his raw voice makes a comeback. For me, this is a welcome comeback though it does hinder my enjoyment of one of the songs. Youll find out in the review soon. ;) And with that, lets dive in (pun not intended)

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